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Throwback Thursday – starting “real” food

When our little man was 4 months old he started reaching for everything I was eating. When I had him sitting on my lap while I was eating lunch, he would follow my fork with his eyes and open his mouth in expectation of me to share what I was eating. That's when we new… Continue reading Throwback Thursday – starting “real” food

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Throwback Thursday – one year ago

Yesterday (July 3rd) one year ago was the first time our little man laughed. Facebook reminded me by showing me the video and it melted my heart all over again. His laugh was and still is the most beautiful sound and music in my ear, you just cannot get enough of it. How much can… Continue reading Throwback Thursday – one year ago

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Over obsessing…

Some of my friends and family know that in a past relationship, I had a miscarriage. It was very early, but that did not make it any less painful. Back then I couldn't help but constantly wonder... was it something I did? Maybe the occasional smoking or drinking, the heavy lifting from ambulance shifts, all… Continue reading Over obsessing…

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Throwback Thursday – dog and baby first meet and greet

As many of our friends and some of you may know, we have a rescue dog. She was about 6 months old when we got her, saved from the streets in Bulgaria. So I know nothing about the first 6 months of her life. When she met our little man she was 3 years old.… Continue reading Throwback Thursday – dog and baby first meet and greet


Our experience: Sleeping

One thing I have always been especially scared about was bad sleeping habits for my little man. I did a lot of research before and after he was born and it is crazy how many opinions are out there. Opinions, not just on sleep, but on everything concerning parenting, and don't worry, depending on who… Continue reading Our experience: Sleeping